Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Power & Sail Squadron

Serving the Coast from Langdale to Halfmoon Bay

Who We Are

  • A committed community of experienced boaters, national in scope, working together as volunteers to promote safe, enjoyable boating for all.
  • Our Mission: to provide relevant training and services which will improve boating safety and pleasure and fellowship among members.
  • Coast Squadron counts more than 160 members. We have won the District award for two years running now for having the greatest percentage increase in membership, year over year.
  • Provide Education and Training using a nationally provided buffet of standardised courses covering all aspects of boating.
  • Provide Other Services useful to the boating community (Safety Checks, Flare Disposal Events, Collaboration with Other Maritime Organisations and Social Activities)

    We Need You!

    Our Annual General Meeting is coming up at Pebbles Restaurant, Sechelt on 20 April. As we head into the new season, we’re looking for members to step up to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee, to help direct the activities of the Squadron. For two years running, we have won the District award for the greatest percentage membership increase year over year. We want to remain relevant to you, and to do so we need willing volunteers to help. Specific openings include, Secretary, Public Relations, Socials, and Membership. Strong support will be available from existing Executive Officers. If you think you might be interested in these, or in unassigned positions in order to learn how the Squadron works, please contact Rod Moorcroft, Secretary at rmoorcroft@dccnet.com or Jack Adams, Squadron Commander at jadams40@telus.net. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!


    We offer courses fall, winter and spring. Click here for a quick peek at what's courses and workshops are coming up soon.

    Contact Us: 778-734-0737

    Email: sunshineccps@gmail.com

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