Welcome to Montreal Power & Sail Squadron


Montreal Squadron is a unit of “Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons”, a volunteer organization of over 28000 members across Canada devoted to teaching boating safety. Headquarters is based in Toronto with a small paid staff which maintains the records, produces & distributes the training materials and co-ordinates the various operations. The members are grouped into Squadrons, which are further grouped into Districts. There are over 180 Squadrons across the nation, with 17 Districts to facilitate the administration that such a large organization requires.

There is no affiliation with any Yacht club or other such club, although we very often use their facilities for a teaching venue due to our member’s local affiliation. Schools or any such space is also often used as we are looking for the lowest cost of operations (we do have to pay rent), as these costs must, in turn be passed on to our students. All instructors are volunteers who offer their time and their costs of transportation etc to pass on the knowledge that they have amassed over the years by their operation of their own vessels as well as that learned through CPS.

We are the first Squadron to have been formed in the province of Quebec. We are very proud to have been so instrumental in initiating safe boating instruction in this area. We have even had one CPS Chief Commander from our Squadron (P/C/C E.T. Renouf, who was also a Commander of MPS in 1952).

We are Quebec’s first Squadron and proud of it after over 60 years of service to the boating community. We hope that many lives have been saved through our efforts to teach boating safety. During the intervening years many other Squadrons have spun off from Montreal, including Lake St Louis and Ville Marie. In 1964 a new Squadron was formed in Trois Rivieres with the help of instructors from Montreal Squadron.

Our Squadron burgee was developed by the late Cdr/Ret Douglas Pull several years ago. It says “Quebec 1 & M.” or Quebec / First / Montreal