Safe Boating Awareness Week — May 20-26

Celebrate ‘Safety on the Water’ during Safe Boating Awareness Week. Watch for displays, newspaper articles, radio spots, and more in your community as CPS-ECP gears up to ensure recreational boaters are equipped with the information they need to enjoy their boating pursuits. In keeping with its educational goals, CPS-ECP strives to ensure that all Canadians who head out on the water do so well informed to have a safe day.

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Safe Boating Week Key Messages

  1. Wear Your Lifejacket
  2. Don't Drink and Boat
  3. Take a Boating Skills Course
  4. Beware of Cold Water Risks
  5. Be Prepared

Be sure to come out and participate in events taking place in your area during the Safe Boating Awareness Week and make your boating experience a better one.

Radio Ads

All radio spots are 30 seconds long (mp3s, 1.3MB)

  1. PSA 1- Online
  2. PSA 2- Courtesy Check
  3. PSA 3- Lifejackets

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